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About us

All our nannies and babysitters are tried and trusted, fully vetted, CPR-certified professionals. We match every family with the perfect babysitter to address specific needs. We are available at very short notice for every assignment, whether it’s your every-day necessities or an occasional need.


Yoga for babies

Yoga classes for your baby from 6 months old. Saturdays at 11:00 at a location near you.



Activities dedicated to stimulate infants, children and families. Stay tuned, an amusing activity is on its way.


Dramatic expression for parents and children

Classes that allow you to explore talents and provide harmony


Open space for different activities

We welcome suggestions for other activities.


We offer customized service, tailor-made to meet your family’s needs. We understand your needs and match a nannie to fit your personal requirements. The babysitters and nannies undergo a thorough interview and screening process and thus we make sure to offer a service with fully screened qualified professional nannies. We can arrange the service at very short notice and for whatever length of time you need.



If you have a late night or an early morning commitment you need to go to, we can help you. We provide services as-needed in your desired location. We have the flexibility to fill in for you at very short notice.


In-home babysitter

We understand that you might lead a busy life but we know that nothing is more important than the welfare of your child when you're away. We can arrange after-school care, as well as evening babysitting in the comfort of your own home.


Nanny services

If you find that daycare is not the solution for you, we can select a nanny to be with your child part-time or full time, depending on your requirements. The nanny will care for your child’s basic needs, providing a loving and nurturing environment.


Super Nanny

Two services in one! A nanny who looks after you child and your home. This service will match you with a nanny that will not only keep you children safe in their own environment, but also do house chores, cook, clean and iron.


Travelling Nanny

If you need help with your children while travelling, this is the service for you. Our nanny will go with you to care and entertain your children.


Mother Helpers

We can arrange an extra pair of hands to help you in your home. Whether you need someone to get your children from school, help them with their homework, give them a bath and prepare dinner, we aim to de-stress your life.


Tell us what you think!

“De grande confiança!”

- Ana Vieira


“Bom serviço”

- Joana Gomes


“My Nanny did a Great Job! The kids loved the babysitter and she was very friendly!”

- Kathi Wembley


Our high quality service can enhance your business. We are able to establish partnership protocols, which provide your company with reliable quality child care service. We can also offer childcare services for your staff.



All of our nannies and babysitters are trained, certified professionals to provide a high standard service. We can address a vast range of childcare requirements at short notice.


Parties and events

Our animators will provide loads of fun for your children to enjoy. We have a wide selection of activities that you can choose from: balloon modelling, clowns, puppeteers, face painting, magic shows, and much more.


Kids Club

The kids club is a specialized service for companies and hotels. MyNanny provides leisure and educational activities for children during the Christmas holidays, Easter or summer.


If you would like to work with us but have no experience in the area, we can provide the training. This is a 100 hour certified training, and the total cost of 150€. You can check below for a preview of the Babysitting Training Course. Contact us if you are interested


            Every day we are together

Module 1 – Introduction to the thematic and notions of babysitting (6hours)

  • What is Babysitting
  • What is the use of babysitting
  • The origin of babysitting
  • Qual a importância do babysitting
  • The importance of babysitting

Module 2 – The role of educational agents and different parenting styles (12hours)

  • Types of parenting styles (democratic, authoritarian, permissive and negligent) and their differences
  • Types of parental education
  • Single-parent families
  • Unstructured families
  • Parental structure in the 21st century society
  • Types of parental educational style
  • Factors related with the child
  • Factors related to the parents

Module 3 – Psychology of child development (12hours)

  • Cognitive development in children
  • Child’s adaptation to environment
  • Child’s age related evolution
  • Learning theories
  • Development theories
  • Children with special educational needs – children with disability

Module 4 – Child monitoring, aid and assistance (20hours)

  • Types of children assistance
  • Types of children monitoring
  • How to intervene when the child need aid
  • Aid techniques for infants and children

Module 5 – The importance of communication (12hours)

  • What is communication used for
  • Types of communication
  • Proper communication for babies and children
  • Ways to communicate with babies and children
  • Communication technique with Portuguese and foreign children.

Module 6 – Child protection measures (14hours)

  • Preparation/first aid training
  • Procedures for protection from accidents at home/street, etc.

Module 7 – Educate and entertain infants (12hours)

  • Education methods
  • Short general approach to education and entertainment for special needs children -Dynamic development for babies and children - presentation of entertainment activities and their uses.

Module 8 – Ethical and deontological principles (12hours)

  • Definition of professional ethics
  • Definition of deontology
  • The role of professional ethics
  • How to be and act as an ethical-professional
  • Professional code of ethics

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